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*Condition of vehicle may affect pricing and time*
*Condition of vehicle may affect
pricing and time*
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"Jonathan is kind and professional. His work is top notch! He showed up on time and cleaned after himself.  I am extremely meticulous about my car, and he exceeded all expectations!"
"Finally I found someone who takes as much time and effort to perfect my car as me"
"He did an incredible job...I would highly recommend Drive-n-Detail.  Thank you for giving me some sanity back in such a crazy time!"

Where do you go?

Right now anywhere within 30 - 40 min drive of Boston, but we're always willing to go farther depending on the request. All that's required is a water and an electric hook up.

What should I expect for my appointment?

Typically appointments for a complete exterior and interior detail are scheduled in the morning to finish by 4-5. You'll receive a text or call 30min before to confirm the apt on the day of. Upon arrival, all remaining items are removed and careful placed outside the vehicle. Glovebox and consoles areas are not touched unless requested by the customer. We'll hook up to your water and electric and go to work. Once everything is done, we'll do a final inspection before handing the keys back over to you to enjoy your new clean ride.

What do you use?

We source only the best materials to use on my client's vehicles. Only after hours of research and our own experience do we validate a product to use in our services.

Can you correct paint scratches and swirls?

If it's a small scratch or scuff, it's no problem. Full vehicle compounding and polishing is not something we offer yet but will be in the future.
About me
Detailing combines my love of restoration with my passion for cars. If you're someone who chases perfection, look no further. We treat all customers and vehicles equally to ensure you leave with a great experience and a ride that looks its absolute best.
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